Charlotte’s Web

I watched a spider weave its web
From tiny little bits of silver thread
It grew into a masterpiece.

In awe I saw it catch a fly
And while I watched it slowly die
It became wrapped up like a present.

Poem by Joanne Hale

Charlotte's web

Photo by Jerry Reynolds - Fargo ND

The spider stored his meal away
To be eaten on another day
When it hungered for a treat.

It ran out to repair a rip
That the fly had made at the end of its trip
And the spider's new home had been broken.

Fascinated I continued to watch
As it darted out each time to catch
Its dinner, lunch and supper.

Every time the web vibrated
The spider appeared and deliberated
Over which meal this one would become.

Raindrops now falling from the overhead cloud
The spider checks the web; he's very house proud
And finds the web now dripping with crystal jewels.

The rain has stopped, the sun has appeared
And to the web I found i've neared
To see the amazing light display.

What a perfect hour i've just spent
Watching the spider become content
And seeing the delights of nature unfolding.

Orignal From: Charlotte's Web

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