FARGO ND, Pugsy Malone, a 5 year old pug was arrested last evening and charged with serial Stalking, a class III misdemeanor. Malone is currently being questioned by authorities after receiving numerous complaints of suspicious activity near several outdoor barbecues. The complaint alleges that Malone approached and lingered around the diners in a suspicious manner. "He would just sit there, put his paw up in the air, and stair at you" said one witness. Another witness stated she tried to get him to go away repeatedly but he kept coming back.


More charges may be pending. No court date has yet been set.


Pug Shot


Photo by Jerry Reynolds - Fargo ND

Orignal From: Pug Shot - CHARGE: SERIAL STALKING

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hbrandon said...

This is one of your best pictures, and the text made me and my girlfriend laugh 'til we cried.

I hope Pugsy gets off clean; I have heard that Toodles the Bostonterrier and another Pug called Barker might be indicated. Besides - Pugsy sure deserves a nice barbecued treat!


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